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※All linked accommodations in Tebah Dive comply with Japanese fire laws and only provide accommodations registered in Ryokans / Accommodations in Okinawa Prefecture.


La'gent Hotel @ American village

La'gent Hostel and Hotel in Chatan


Located in American Village, Okinawa's most popular tourist destination, you can have fun after diving. Sightseeing things to do, Enjoy your nights, experience a large variety of restaurant and the airport pick-up is right in front of the hotel, making it easy to move on and off the day. 3 minutes by car from the shop!
From dormitory-style rooms to double, triple, family and group rooms, accommodation is available !

​특가 준비중


Low season ¥4,000

High season ¥5,000

(Tax included)

2 Person/1 Room

Low seaon¥8,000

High season ¥8,000

(Tax included)

3 Person/1 Room

Low season ¥10,000

High season ¥12,000

(Tax included)

Family/3 Room

Price inquiry

※ Family : Under 9  (free for children under 2 years old), 2,000 yen per night per person will be added. Please consult in advance.
※ 2 children under 2 years old will be charged an additional adult fee.

  • Address

2-164 Miyagi Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken

  • Map code

Let us help you with that at the shop !

  • Room composition

1st Floor C Room: Floor Type Room (Double Room)

2nd Floor Room A: Floor Type Room (2 ~ 3 people)

2nd Floor Room B: Floor type room (2 ~ 3 people)

​도면 보기
  • Amenities

Wifi in all rooms

1st floor: living room, dining table, kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 bathroom, washing machine, refrigerator, hair dryer

2nd floor: 1 bathroom

Outdoor: laundry rack

  • Not provided


  • Provided

Towel, hair dryer, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo

Tebah Dive seasonal lodging plan

  • Low season: November to June (except Week 1 of May)

  • Peak season: 1 week from July to October & May


Satomo House @ Ginowan

Satomo House in Ginowan

Introducing the beautiful Uechi House, designed by the architect. It is 1 minute from Okinawa Minami IC by car, 10 minutes by car to Chatan, American Village and 10 minutes to Rycom Aeon Mall, Okinawa's largest shopping mall. In addition, for those who need a rest and travel without being disturbed by other travelers, the 1st and 2nd floors have separate entrances. It is the best choice for family / friends traveling in Okinawa.

Satomo House Price List

1~2 Person/1 Room

Low season 1 Person ¥6,000

Low season 2 Person ¥10,000

High season 1~2 Person ¥12,0008

(Single charge/Tax included)

Double Room
2~4 Floor/ 1 Double bed

6~11 Person/한층 전세

Low season ¥25,000

High season ¥40,000

(Tax included)

3 Room
5F/ 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, living room

2~4F. 2 Double room

5F. Family

  • Address

3 Chome-14-10 Isa, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa-ken 

Nearby facilities
  • Map code

33 435 567 * 67

  • Room composition

Double rooms from 2nd to 4th floor: 1~2 people (1 double bed)

Family room on the 5th floor: 6~11 people (3 rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 bathroom)

  • Amenities

Living room, kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, microwave, kitchen counter, parking

Wifi in all room
  • Provided

Towel, hair dryer, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, toothbrush

Tebah Dive seasonal lodging plan

  • Low season: November to June (except Week 1 of May)

  • Peak season: 1 week from July to October & May


Hotel Noah @ Ginowan

Hotel Noah in Ginowan City

Introducing Hotel Noah, operated by the Japanese dive shop ArkDive. It is easily accessible by car and public transport and is equipped with the best facilities of a business hotel. Just 5 minutes walk to Convention City Mall, Sports Zebio, Round One and Tropical Beach. By car, American Village is 20 minutes, Naha 20 minutes, Ginowan Megadon Quixote, Daiso and Onsen are 5 minutes away.

Hotel Noah Price List

1Person/Single room


(Breakfast/Tax included)

Room type
Single bed (Smoking/Non-smoking)

2Person/Twin room


(Breakfast/ Tax included)

Room type
2 Single bed (Smoking/Non-smoking)

※ Hotel Noah is a business hotel. Please read the following notes carefully.

  • Number of people: Single room is for 1 person and twin room is for 2 people. No extra persons are allowed.

  • There is no double bed room. The double rooms are all twin rooms with two single beds. Costs are not provided separately.

  •  The front and lobby are closed from 11 pm until 7 am the next day. Check-in is only possible from 3pm to 11pm.

  • Check-out is only available from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Late check-out may incur charges..

  • Breakfast is served from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and serves light salads, breads and drinks.

  • In case of consecutive stay, cleaning will be done only if you request room cleaning.

  • Towels are free; replace them with the one you used at the front.

1. Single Room

2. Twin Room

  • Address

Okinawa-ken Ginowan-shi Uchidomari 764

Wifi in all room
  • Room composition

Single room (1person): 3 Smoking room, 9 Non-smoking 

Twin room (2Person): 2 Smoking room, 4 Non-smoking

  • Amenities

Each room: Bathroom with toilet, Refrigerator, Balcony, Clothes dryer, TV, Shower gown, Hair dryer, Safety box

Co-op: Coin-operated laundry / dryer, beverage vending machine, elevator

Outdoor: Parking (pre-order, free)

  • Provided

Towel, toothpaste, shampoo, rinse, body shampoo, toothbrush, cotton swab, comb

TEL. 098-987-8901

Mobile. 080-8427-8548

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