Cape Hedo, Tonaki, Minna, Sesoko Island

Cape Hedo is located at the northernmost tip of Okinawa. Even the inhabitants have few mysteries about that site. Challenge yourself to a mysterious experience that no one has ever experienced before.


On Totonaki Island, which takes 30 minutes from Kerama Islands, you'll find blue caves and beautiful blue corners. Check out the Tonaki Island tour itinerary for special days of the year.


Minna, called croissant islands,and Sesoko are islands in northern Okinawa Island. Diving in the emerald sea is always a stimulating experience.

Fun? Fun!

Feel the dynamic and beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa. In addition to the world-famous Kerama Islands, the Onna area with its dynamic wall diving, the Hedo Cape area with its mysterious side, and the USS Emons, where you can feel the fierce battles of World War II. Tebah Dive tour offers a variety of points with expert guide.


※ All customers participating in fun diving should read the following carefully and participate.

1. All fun diving programs operated by Tebah Dive are Discover Local Diving of PADI. During the briefing, you will be given an overview of the dive site, including the site's conditions, risks, and interests, followed by a guided tour of the dive site. Each diver logs as a Discover Local Diving Dive and signs the logbook.

2. Document preparation

- Three kinds of documents are required *, regardless of diver level, before participating in the program.

- If you refuse to fill out the documents, we can refuse to take you diving according to the rules.

- If you answered “Yes” to any medical statement, you must obtain written approval from your doctor and this authorization is valid for one year.

- If you have a "Yes" item, you must obtain a doctor's signature on the medical statement and notify Tebah Dive in advance.

    *3 documents: PADI Waiver / Risk Assumption / Qualified Diver Experience Program (PADI-# 10074)

                                  Statement of Understanding of PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices (PADI-# 10060)

                                  PADI Medical Statement (RSTC Medical Form-PADI- # 10063)

3. Photo / Video service

 -It is provided as an edited version displaying the shop logo, not the original, and sent via email or other means.

 -The number and quality of photos may vary depending on the condition of the sea on the day of diving and the level of each diver.

 -The picture taken can be posted on the blog or SNS with your consent.

 -This service is provided for Tebah Dive customers and is not a mandatory item included in the cost.

 -Depending on the availability of the camera and the dive shop conditions, it may not be available.


Price List

Shore 2 Dives

  Mid Area(Miyagi Coast/Blue Cave)                               ¥11,000

  Northern/Southern Area(Motobu/Itoman)                  ¥14,000

  Night Dive(include light)                                                     ¥8,000

Boat 3 Dives

   Kerama Is./Onna Area                                           19,000

   Itoman/Tonaki Is./Minna Is./Sesoko Is.                23,000

   Aguni Is. / Cape Hedo                                           ¥ 25,000

Boat 2 Dives

   Kerama Is./Onna Area                                           15,000

   Itoman/Tonaki Is./Minna Is./Sesoko Is.                19,000

   Aguni Is. / Cape Hedo                                           ¥ 21,000

   USS Emmons                                                        ¥ 21,000

 ※ Included: Consumption tax, insurance, photo, water / excluded: equipment rental, meals, accommodation 
 ※ Cash only 


Beach Diving

This is a custom-made diving for those who want to dive on the day of arrival in Okinawa, those who do not like long boat sailing because of seasickness, and divers who want to enjoy Okinawa landscapes with diving. Take a trip with Tebah Dive!

Sunabe, Miyagi Coast

Sunabe, Miyagi beach coral reef

Gorilla Chop, Motobu

Bluecave, Cape Maeda

Firehouse, Cape Zanpa

​Lighthouse and Cape Zanpa Wall / Shark

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Kerama Islands

Kerama Islands is one hour away from Okinawa Main Island. You can enjoy the Kerama Islands diving every day while staying on the main island of Okinawa with a diving boat. Try the world famous Kerama Blue for yourself. There are various types of terrain from beginners to advanced people, ranging from calm sands like sand beaches to the Caverns, where sunlights pierced through the rocks. In over 80 points in Kerama can be found  countless species of fishes, turtles, sharks and rays.

Twin Rock
Sand Triangle
Uchizan Shou
Ariga Cable

Ariga Cable, Tokashiki Is.

Chishi, Zamami Is.

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Dragon Lady, Zamami Is.

Sand Triangle, Gishippu Is.

Kamigusuku, Tokashiki Is.

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Onna is located in the central northern part of Okinawa's main island, about an hour from Tebah dive's office. Onna with Manzamo, Okinawa's famous tourist spot, is a place where you can enjoy wall, tunnels and caves diving. There are also shark points, which are mainly inhabited by Blacktip Shark and Whitetip reef shark. After diving, you also  enjoy Okinawa soba at the many local restaurants.

Manza Dream Hole

Cave / Deep 

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  • 편의 시설


USS Emmons, Southern Okinawa, Aguni Isalnd

USS Emmons a U.S. Navy destroyer that was sunk and attacked by the Japanese Suicide Squadron (Kamikaze) during World War II. You can still see the magnificence as it is still alive. The Emmons can be challenged only by highly experienced divers (at least 100 logs / after check diving) because of their strong tides and 40 meters.

In southern Okinawa area, you can see various types of lands such as caves, tunnels and crevases. Both beaches and boats are accessible, but require strong stamina!

Aguni Island is 2 hours away from Okinawa Main Island, where you can go only on special days of the year. If you want to see the thrilling scene of the Trevally swarm, which can only be seen in National Geographic videos, take the challenge. *Divers must be experienced with drift diving.

USS Emmons

​USS Emmons Shipwreck/Deep

Aguni Island

​Jackfish schooling / Tuna

Southern Okinawa

Itoman Seawall/Cave

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