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Advanced Open Water Diver

Adventure Diver

Challenge the `Adventure Diver from PADI and the Advanced Open Water Diver course, which is designed to start even the divers who just finished the Open Water Diver course. The Adventure Diver course, which you can do with just one day's time, offers three adventure dives to take new experience and upgrade your skills to make yourself more comfortable underwater. Additional required adventure, the Deep diving and the Underwater Navigation diving , makes you an Advanced Open Water Diver with richer skills and experience. After completing the course, you can challenge yourself to a Rescue Diver, Specialty Diver, or Technical Diving.


Open water diver

Manual (​Book)


Open water diver


Reservation required at least 2 weeks in advance.

3 Beach+2 Boat dives

/ 2 days


3 Beach+ 2Boat dives

/ 2 days


  • Eligible Age: 12 years old

  • Duration: 2 days 

  • Receive textbooks or elearning material in advance, and complete education after completing tasks

  • If you do not meet the performance requirements, you will be granted Adventure Diver status.

  • Materials needed: textbooks or elearning materials, towels, shower necessity , swimwear

  • Fees include: lessons, insurance, equipment rental, drinks, pick up and drop off, parking fee

  • Not included: Hotel, Meals, Shower Facilities

※ Due to the inherent risks associated with scuba diving, all participants must complete a short medical questionnaire before participating in the activity. If you think there may be a situation in which you may not be able to participate, please contact TevaDive to receive a medical questionnaire. Please fill out the medical questionnaire and get it signed by your doctor. Medical questionnaires are only required if there is a medical condition that conflict with scuba diving.