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Educational system differentiated by debriefing combining  theory, practice and video



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Tebah Dive

With Tebah dive,

Explore the beautiful sea of Okinawa!

Tebah Dive is a scuba diving specialty shop for divers who can't enjoy diving in Okinawa because they can't speak Japanese. The staff will guide you through all the courses in English, French and Korean.


Tebah Dive is committed to providing the highest level of service because of its high standards of accredited education, self-owned facilities, compliance and safety.

Tebah Dive is open daily for boat diving on the Kerama Islands. Kerama Blue water, famous for its transparency around the world, can be enjoy easily in the comfort of the diving Boat; Legend.

For those who like to explore the Island terrain itself, we offer underwater guides to various points spread across the main island of Okinawa. Cape Haedo has types of caves, air domes; Onna has vertical caves, wall dive and deep depth and the USS Emmons shipwreck sunken during World War II, all those dive sites along side our diving expert from Tebah Dive. Let's dive together !

TEL. 098-987-8901

Mobile. 080-8427-8548

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